Wednesdays (2:15PM - 5:30PM)

Practice the following music September 27th

Mr. Dave's Classes

Piano 2:15

learning our finger numbers on page 1 

-songs on page 2.


With your Right Thumb on MIDDLE C, place your index finger (FINGER

2) on the D KEY.

Winds 2:50

  • -Practice making a sound on our mouthpiece only 

    -Assembling our instruments correctly 

Intermediate Winds 3:25

  • Best beginning book Page 15-17 and Camptown Races duet in back

    Bring both books to class

Ukulele 4:00

  • -Holding our ukuleles correctly

    -Memorizing the parts of the ukulele page 1

    -Learning our 4 string names on page 1

Mrs Deisree's Classes

Violin 2:15

We had fun learning how to hold our violin and bow today.
For next class, color pg1 and review all the parts of your instrument
and bow. Try playing on all your strings; E, A, D, G

Piano 2:55

We had fun learning how to place our right hand fingers on the
white keys; starting with our finger 1( thumb)on Middle C and finger
2 (pointer) on D. We learned quarter notes, half notes and quarter rests.
For next class play pg3-5.

Strings 3:25

Great job learning how to hold your instrument and bow!
Review the parts p1 and try playing D and A strings pgs2-6

Strings 4:00

So great to see my friends from last year!
We had fun reviewing our D scale notes and playing songs p2-5.
For next class review pg 2-7

Advanced Pianos 4:35

Good to see everyone! We had  fun reviewing today.
For next class review songs up to pg26.
We will start with p26 ; More Hot Cross Buns

Helpful Videos:

Ukulele Book Tutorials


2 Videos

What we practiced this week- September 27th