The Orchestra Place


Music should be part of every school’s core curriculum. We partner with schools in the greater Los Angeles area to make this possible when music is not available through the district or out of reach of a school’s budget.

We believe in the power of music education

It takes patience, grit, memory, and focus to learn a new instrument— the same qualities needed to excel in school and life. By learning to play an instrument and participating in school orchestras, our students develop these skills early, learn teamwork, and build pride and confidence in themselves.

Enroll in our School Orchestra Programs

For over 15 years, we’ve been providing and supporting music education and programs in the Greater Los Angeles area. We’re excited to continue our mission with our local schools and music organizations! Our programs include:

Innovative Curriculum

The instrumental music instruction students receive represents the best practices in education today.

Discounted Pricing

Discounts on rentals and new instruments are available through our instrument supplier – including free delivery to school by the first lesson.

Honor Orchestra

Participants have the opportunity to join an award-winning, citywide orchestra, featuring the brightest students from Los Angeles area elementary schools.


Provided by the The Orchestra Place, L.A. City Elementary School Music Association, local businesses, and contributions from people like you!

Music Education Advocacy

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