Canyon Charter

Tuesdays (2:10PM - 3:55PM)

Practice the following music 9/19

Mr. Eli's Classes

Piano/Violin 1:45

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (pg. 10) 
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (pg. 16)
  • Super Hero Blues
  • Latin Lullaby

Piano 2:20

  • Good work this week! Practice Mary Had a Little Lamb on page 10!

Violins 2:55

  • We talked about the neck, body, fingerboard, strings, bridge, tuning pegs, shoulder rest and chin rest!
  • Practice gently plucking your open strings at home.

Ukuleles 3:30

  • Great job learning C, C7 and F chords!
  • Practice switching between them and your three songs on page 2.

Violins 4:05

  • Great job practicing D scale today!
  • Please work on the first three songs on page 1 of purple book this week.

Ms. Shannon's Classes

Piano 1:45

  • We worked on fingers 1-3 today
  • HW is to get used to using fingers 1-3 on your keyboard!
  • Try to play some songs using those three notes, or make your own!

Winds 2:20

  • Today we became acquainted with our instruments including how to set up and make a sound
  • HW is to practice their instrument set-up to see who can set it up the best and fastest next week! 
  • Keep working on making great first sounds so we can add notes week to week!

Flute 2:55

  • Went over flute set-up and embouchure.
  • Some already got a good sound out! Keep up the good work!
  •  HW is to play the note D or to get a clear sound from the flute mouthpiece. 

Piano 3:30

  • Great job today!
  • HW is to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on page 10.

Helpful Videos:

What we practiced this week- September 19th