Center for Early Education

Thursdays (3:15PM - 4:00PM)


Practice the following topics this week- April 21st

Blue Book Violins 3:15

– bow control elevators
– pick a song together for concert (we chose Shortin bread on page 20)
– practiced superhero blues and open string swing

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Helpful Videos:

Previous Weeks:

Practice our concert songs! Superhero blues, open string swing, and Shortin Bread (pg 20)
SUMMARY: reviewed technique, superhero blues, and open string swing with a game
HOMEWORK: practice 5 bow holds every day! And play superhero blues at home
Learned both open string swing and most of Superhero Blues
Homework: say Superhero blues and play it on your open strings. We will work on memorizing the notes next time!


V for violin

Ping pong song with ping pongs

Cuckoo song


Practice Ping Pong song! (Page 12)

Cuckoo song with video

V for violin with video

– clap/stop rhythms
– bow hold monkey house
– performances
– I play/you play

– TOUCH your violin every day!
– Do as many bow holds as you are old. So if you are 6, do 6 bow holds. If you are 7 do 7 bow holds
– remember that the bow hold is like a mouse house. We have a front door in between the pointer and thumb – nice big space for the mouse to come through. The thumb it a doorbell! The fingers make windows, and the back of the hand is a wide open back yard.
– Practice pg 12 #11 Ping Pong song! Be ready to perform it next time

– rename the ANTS song
– bow holds (make sure the Thumb and Middle finger are BEST FRIENDS, they are always together)
– play each other’s compositions as we learned E and A on the staff with the treble clef
– we learned Piano Man (#5 on pg 9)

– 5 bow holds every day!
– Play Piano Man 3 times every day – 1 time plucking, 1 time with the bow, 1 time ROCK N ROLL style

Summary: Ants song, quarter notes and quarter rests activity, #1 and #2 in book (pg 8), bow hold activity with straws and quarters

– TOUCH your violin every day! Practice or just play around with it
– Ants song, play it for your grownups!
– pluck/play #1 and #2 in Blue Book (pg 8)
– practice bow hold 5 times every day

Recap: Our violin is our baby and we treat it so nicely! 

  • To open the case, put it on the floor.
    • We have the “mountain” on top
    • the “valley” on the bottom
    • the handle is facing you.
  • Open the case by unlatching it.
  • Page 1: parts of the violin
  • Page 2: Hold the violin with LEFT hand.
    • Step 1. Statue of Liberty! (Hold the violin in air with left hand by the neck)
    • Step 2. Little hat (put violin on top of head)
    • Step 3. Slide down your face and have it land on your LEFT shoulder.
    • Step 4. Left hand holds the shoulder of the violin
  • Page 3: BOW HOLD – hang like a monkey (all fingers hang on the stick of the bow), bite the banana (Thumb goes on the underside the stick, touching the hump of the frog), pinky on top!
  • Page 4: Names of the strings – we plucked each string as we said:
    • Every Every Every (EEE- top tiny string), every little Ant Ant Ant (AAA – second string), digs into the Dirt Dirt Dirt (DDD 3rd string), going under Ground Ground Ground (GGG biggest last string)
  • Page 8: My First Song! Play with the bow 3 E’s
Other things we talked about:

Putting on the shoulder pad: place the elastics on the C bouts of the violin. The pad can be halfway on the chin rest or all the way on the back of the violin. 
Rest Position: Hold violin with left hand and tuck it under your right arm facing out. You can now take a bow!

    – name the parts of the violin by pointing to them and saying what they are
    – practice putting the violin up 5x
    – practice your bow hold on your colorful straw or on the bow 5x every day!
    – pluck the Ants song
    – Play “my first song”