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What to practice this week:

Practice the following topics this week- October 22nd

  • Practice pages 11-12
  • We Learned the G Chord today. Make sure you know where your fingers go! (See RECAP video)
  • **EXTRA- Record yourself playing “Watchin the Waves”

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Re-cap of this week's class on 10/22/20:

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Here are some helpful resources:

Previous Weeks:

Class on 10/15/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • Practice pages 8-11
  • We Learned the A Minor Chord. Practice All 3 chords!
  • Play along to the songs above!

Class on 10/8/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • Practice pages 6-8
  • How well do you know your C and F chords?
  • Can you play Yellow Submarine without looking at your Ukulele?

Class on 10/1/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • How to play a C chord and F chord.
  • 4 finger warm up.