Berkeley Hall School

2022-2023 School Year

Orchestra Program Details

Grades: K-8

Course Description:

Welcome Back to Orchestra!

All levels welcome and no experience required!

Students will be grouped in classes of similar instruments and ages, where they will learn how to play their desired woodwind, brass, or string instrument (including ukulele and piano!). This program is designed to keep music FUN, so students should expect to play many familiar songs throughout the 25+ week program, in addition to learning the fundamentals of rhythm, harmony and traditional note reading.

Smaller group classes will come together as one larger ensemble in the spring, culminating with a final year-end concert!


  • Kindergarteners and 1st graders may choose the violin.
  • 2nd graders may choose the violin or ukulele
  • 3rd graders may choose the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, pBone mini, or ukulele
  • 4th and 5th graders may choose the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, or ukulele


Instruction begins on Monday, October 3rd and runs through May, culminating in a year-end Spring Concert.

Thirty to forty minute small group lessons will be held each Monday after school, with classes starting at 3:30PM.  (All classes will be completed by 5PM.)

The final schedule and location of classes will be announced via email after enrollment is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To aid in your planning, note that younger students and beginners will be scheduled earlier than older students.

Once the final schedule is available, please have your child’s schedule clear after school for their assigned 30 to 40 minute time block and plan to pick them up directly after their class has ended.  

Students waiting to take a later lesson may attend XDC (extended day care) without charge, but must be picked up at the end of their lesson time in order to avoid XDC fees for the time they attend after the conclusion of their class.

Program costs

A program fee is requested from each participant to cover the entire 25+ week school year spanning October, 2022 through May, 2023.

Participants can pay for the entire year in two ways:

  • one discounted payment of $695 – due with registration
  • two payments of $375 each – first payment due now, second payment automatically charged on December 1st

Additional Resources

The program fee covers instructional costs, as well as all music, books and basic supplies given to your child throughout the year.

The following additional resources are also included with your program fee:

  1. Class Portal Page- weekly class recaps, practice suggestions, sheet music downloads, helpful video tutorials, and much more!
  2. Interactive video- get extra help by submitting a video for feedback from one of our teachers!

The only other expense will be the rental or purchase of the instrument (see below).

Private Online Lessons - *OPTIONAL*

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND  supplementing your music classes with online private lessons! 

Add one-on-one private online lessons once per week or once every two weeks for additional online instruction. The lessons are scheduled at mutually convenient times with one of our professional instructors. Private lessons are charged on a recurring basis, once the number of lessons in your block have been completed.

Duration: Ongoing – Charged automatically as your pre-paid lesson blocks are completed.

Private Lesson Fee:

30-minute lessons – scheduled weekly: $192 per block of 4 lessons

30-minute lessons – scheduled every other week: $96 per block of 2 lessons

Getting your instrument

Discounted rental and purchase prices have been arranged for participating music students through our official instrument supplier. All prices from our supplier include FREE DELIVERY to school at the first lesson and pick up at the end of the program following the year-end concert. Visit The Instrument Place to place your order.