Westside Neighborhood School

2019 – 2020 Music Program Registration

Program Details

The orchestra program is held after school, and is taught by the outstanding faculty of The Orchestra Place. The program director is Jason Torreano.


  • First graders may only choose violin.
  • Second graders may choose violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or pBone Mini.
  • Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders may choose violin, cello, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, pBone Mini, or trombone.


Instruction begins on Monday, October 21st, 2019 and runs through the spring, culminating with a school concert scheduled on June 1st, 2020.

Thirty to forty minute small group lessons will be held each Monday after school between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Please keep that time block free on Mondays. This flexibility in scheduling will allow us to create classes best suited for the enrollment.

The final schedule and location of classes will be announced via email after enrollment is complete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To aid in your planning, note that beginning classes will be held earlier than intermediate and advanced level classes.

Once the schedule is available, please have your child’s schedule clear for their assigned 30 – 40 minute time block. Students waiting to take a later lesson may opt to go home with parents and then return to school at lesson time. Or, contact the school regarding available campus supervision for students waiting to take their lesson.

Program Costs

A program fee is requested from each participant to cover the entire 2019 – 2020 school year (October 21, 2019 – June 1, 2020). There are two payment options available for the program fee. More information regarding the program fee can be found on the WNS website at the link below.

The program fee covers instructional costs, as well as all music, books and basic supplies given to your child throughout the year. The only other expense will be the rental or purchase of the instrument.

Getting your instrument

Discounted rental and purchase prices have been arranged for participating music students through our official instrument supplier. All prices from our supplier include FREE DELIVERY to school at the first lesson and pick up at the end of the program following the year-end concert. Visit The Instrument Place to place your order.