Piano II

Fridays (4:00PM - 4:30PM)

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What to practice this week:

Practice the following topics this week- October 16th

  • Pages 24-26
  • 3/4 time signature (count to three)
  • Ties: connect two notes together
  • EXTRA: Can you play “Ice Cream Cone” without looking at your hands?

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Re-cap of this week's class on 10/23/20:

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Previous Weeks:

Class on 10/16/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • Pages 21-23
  • Learn the Counting Exercises on 22-23
  • EXTRA: Can you play “Kitty Kat” and “Two Singing” without looking at your hands?

Class on 10/9/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • Practice pages 17-20
  • Can you play “The Woodpecker” without looking at your fingers? 

Class on 10/2/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • What are the ABC’s of piano