Music Exploration

Mondays (3:30PM - 4:00PM)

Check in every week for supplementary material and activities to each week’s lesson. You’ll also be able to submit a video of your weekly practice for personal feedback from our instructors.

What to practice this week:

Practice the following topics this week- October 26th

  • Left Hand on top of the recorder, Right hand holds the “Bell”
  • Our First note B (Thumb and First Finger)
  • Our Second note A (Thumb and 2 fingers)

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Re-cap of this week's class on 10/26/20:

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Here are some helpful videos:

Previous Weeks:

Class on 10/19/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • Reading Music on the Staff- Lines and Spaces
  • Practice your dance to “Skidamarink”
  • Play Whole notes, Half notes, Quarter notes, and Eighth Notes on your recorder!
  • **Send us some videos of you playing the recorder using the red button

Class on 10/12/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • How many beats does Emma the Eighth Note Sing?
  • What are the names of the other notes?
  • Can you play the recorder with any of the holes covered?
  • **EXTRA- Sing and learn the words to the new song

Class on 10/5/20

What we learned and practiced:

  • How many beats does Harvey the Whole Note Sing?
  • How many beats does Henry the Half Note Sing?
  • How many beats does Quentin the Quarter Note Sing?
  • **EXTRA- Make your own rhythm using Henry, Harvey, and Quentin! Write it down and share it with us next time, or you can submit a practice video below and play it for us!